Digital Teachers

As digital blurring occurs, the need to develop a more pronounces position as a teacher in the digital world becomes a larger priority. Being a digital teacher simple means integrating technology into your classroom as an educational tool. While studying the unit “Technology to engage learners” at Curtin University I came to understand that there [...]



Hope Sitwell was a 13-year-old student that sent a compromising picture to her boyfriend while “sexting”, this photo was then distributed to students in at least six different schools in her area. Then students had made a page called the “Hope Halter Page” that was started on Myspace and led to additional cyberbullying. Hope later [...]

Evaluating Digital Technologies for the Classroom

Evaluating digital technologies is the task of assess the value it brings to, as well as how appropriate it is in a classroom setting. “Web-based learning resources have provided teachers with a range of new teaching experiences that are not possible in traditional classrooms”. Evaluating digital technology is important during all parts of the lesson- [...]

TED as an Educational Tool

“TED is a non-profit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks” (TED, n.d.). TED-Ed is TED’s education initiative who’s primary aim is to spark curiosity and generate ideas of students and teachers around the world. TED-Ed us a powerful education tool that students can utilise to achieve lifelong learning. As [...]

Lifelong Learning

“Lifelong learning may be broadly defined as learning that is pursued throughout life: learning that is flexible, diverse and available at different times and in different places” (Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc, 2016). Some believe that education ends once you graduate university and secure a degree, when actually learning if a lifelong process (Shelley, Gunter, [...]

Gaming For Education

The topic of using gaming as a tool for education is one that has been debated over the decades. New technologies are drastically changing how todays generation communicate and learn as teachers we need to adapt our methods of teaching to keep up with these changes, this leads me to believe that gaming is definitely [...]